Setup & Infrastructure
Head Office
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having four different working campus in Delhi, and one sales office in Kolkata.
Where we having all essential instruments required for production, to check quality control of raw materials to start with till end products. We are working under hygienic conditions as per the legal food norms.

* Sensory analysis lab

A sensory analysis lab has been set up on the lines of international standards.A group of carefully chosen and well-trained sensory appraisers are responsible for the sensory analysis of flavors and frangrances so that sensory data is obtained for the development of path-breaking new products.

* Application Lab

Professional application engineers and seasoned technicians with thorough professional knowledge work in the flavors and essential application labs fitted with advanced instruments and equipment.Food and daily products can be made and technical support can be offered both at home and abroad.

* Creation Lab

While creating new prodcuts, we test flavours and essential oils in order to ensure 100% quality.All flavors and essential oils are evaluated according to strict application experiments before recommending them to customers.With the help of the latest advanced head-space analysis technolody, frangrances from young flowers and fresh fruits are collected and analyzed to achieve near natural duplication.